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Japanese Engagement Ring

Made in Japan, discover the ultimate expression of love with the finest Japanese craftsmanship at FUJIMORI KAJITA. 

Custom Made · Sapphire · Morganite · Diamond

Gemstone Engagement Ring

Coloured Stone Engagement Ring

The selection of Bridal Jewellery holds a special significance to the two hearts which are about to beat as one. At FUJIMORI KAJITA, we introduce you to the new world of coloured gemstones that is perfect for unique, alternative engagement rings.

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Morganite Engagement Rings
Morganite Engagement Rings

A popular choice for those who love a soft and romantic look for their engagement ring. Discover these lovely peachy-pink stones at FUJIMORI KAJITA today.

Sapphire Engagement Rings
Sapphire Engagement Rings

A regal choice.

The tradition of sapphire engagement rings is longer than diamonds because sapphires have symbolized loyalty, sincerity, and faithfulness for centuries. Discover the Sapphire Rings selection at FUJIMORI KAJITA today.

Coloured Stone Engagement Rings

Discover the new world of coloured gemstones and seal your love with a unique gem.