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Engagement Couple

Japanese Engagement Ring

Made in Japan, discover the ultimate expression of love with the finest Japanese craftsmanship at FUJIMORI KAJITA. 

Coloured Stone ER

Coloured Stone Engagement Ring


Coloured gemstones offer a captivating alternative to traditional diamond rings. With a kaleidoscope of hues to choose from, like the deep allure of a Sapphire, the delicate charm of an Emerald, or the romantic pink tint of Morganite, coloured gemstones allow you to select a ring that uniquely reflects your partner's style and spirit.

Diamond ER

Diamond Engagement Ring



Elevate your love story with the timeless elegance of a diamond engagement ring. Renowned for their brilliance and enduring beauty, diamonds symbolise everlasting love and commitment.


From classic solitaires to intricate settings, our exquisite collection of diamond engagement rings offers a stunning array of options to suit every style and preference.


IMG_2726 copy.PNG

Select from timeless designs at Fujimori Kajita, each highlighting the charm of your chosen stone. Try on samples to envision daily wear. Once you decide, our artisans tailor your dream piece.

Custom Order

Bespoke Order

Design your dream engagement ring with our bespoke custom order service. Craft a one-of-a-kind symbol of love tailored to your unique style and story.

Ready Made Rings

※ Please ensure to check the item location stated under the item details before booking an appointment or heading to our stores.

Ready Made Rings
Designs meant to be worn daily

We've meticulously crafted engagement ring designs that not only enhance the allure of gemstones but are also tailored for daily wear, prioritising both style and comfort.

Have a design in mind? Explore our Custom Order service here.

Lifetime Maintenance and Service

Jewellery that will be cherished not only for a lifetime but also passed down with care across generations. With Fujimori Kajita's expertise in coloured stones, you can trust us to provide maintenance and inspections with confidence and peace of mind.

Pastel Sapphires

Custom Order


Wedding Bands


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