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Custom Order



Custom Order Process

Design your dream engagement ring with our bespoke custom order service. Craft a one-of-a-kind symbol of love tailored to your unique style and story.

Book an Appointment

Step 1

Book an Appointment


Schedule an appointment for personalised service and uncover the perfect gemstone for you. Explore our diverse selection of coloured gemstones with the guidance of our expert jewellery consultant.

Step 2

Pick Your Gemstone


Discover unique coloured stones, each meticulously selected for their individual charm, ensuring your bespoke engagement ring is truly one-of-a-kind. Find the stone that resonates with you, destined to be worn with pride every day.

※ We do not sell gemstones solely.

Choosing A Gemstone
Design Brainstorm

Step 3

Design Brainstorm


Collaborate with our jewellery consultant to brainstorm your design vision, and our designer will craft detailed illustrations for your reference, bringing your dream piece to life.

Step 4



Once your design is finalised, our in-house craftsmen at our atelier in Japan will bring your piece to life. Crafting time varies depending on the design, typically spanning 10 to 12 weeks, including shipment from Japan to Singapore. If you have a proposal plan or date in mind, please feel free to share them with our jewellery consultant for personalised assistance.

Making Engagement Ring
Ring Collection

Step 5



Upon completion, our jewelry consultant will update you and arrange a collection appointment for your finished ring.




Coloured Gemstones

Experience nature's artistry with our vibrant coloured stones, each a testament to millennia of formation. Mined from diverse locations worldwide and meticulously polished, our gemstones boast captivating hues and unique individuality.


Explore our curated collection at Fujimori Kajita to craft your bespoke engagement ring.


Renowned for its timeless elegance and durability, sapphire symbolises sincerity and faithfulness, making it an ideal gemstone for expressing enduring love.


Choose from our selection of teal sapphires, unheated violetish sapphires, cornflower blue sapphires, royal blue sapphires, padparadscha sapphires and pink sapphires, each radiating its own unique charm and beauty.




Unlock boundless creativity with our Bespoke Custom Order service, where your dream ring comes to life in exquisite detail. Collaborate with our expert team to design a bespoke masterpiece tailored precisely to your desires and preferences.


Immerse yourself in our gallery of past customer orders to draw inspiration and envision the possibilities for your own unique creation. 

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