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Your Ring,
Crafted by a Single's Artisan Hand

Each of our wedding rings is a testament to individual craftsmanship, handmade upon order by a single artisan. From the moment you place your order, our dedicated craftsman begins the meticulous process, ensuring that every ring is infused with personal care and attention. This commitment to bespoke artistry means that your wedding ring is not just a piece of jewelry, but a unique creation crafted exclusively for you, symbolising the unique bond and love you share with your partner.

Learn more about Tanzo technique.



Experience custom-made wedding bands crafted with the ancient Tanzo method. Fujimori Kajita’s craftsmen employs this traditional forging technique, originally used to create durable Japanese swords, to design your wedding bands.

Explore our Artisan Collection today and discover the beauty of our handmade, durable rings.

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Choosing a coloured stone engagement ring adds a deeply personal touch to one of life's most significant moments.

Whether selecting your birthstone or that of your partner, each gem carries its own symbolism and significance, making the ring a reflection of your shared journey and individual identities.


Hidden within the embrace of your wedding band lies a secret stone, a birthstone, known only to you and your beloved. This intimate gem carries a meaning close to your hearts, whether it represents the month of your love’s birth or a cherished memory shared.

Let this secret stone be a silent whisper of your deepest bond, a timeless reminder of the love and memories you both hold dear.


Enjoy lifetime cleaning, polishing, and retexturing services for your wedding bands, along with one-time complimentary resizing. At Fujimori Kajita, we ensure your rings remain beautiful and perfectly fitted for a lifetime.

Book an appointment for your service and care needs today.

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