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At Fujimori Kajita Bridal, we listen. Our customers' love stories inspire us to create precious keepsakes cherished in a lifetime.

All wedding rings are hand-made upon order. Each wedding ring requires detailed craftsmanship to shape them to perfection.

結婚指輪 • 婚約指輪アトリエ




Tanzo Wedding Bands

What is  鍛造 (Tanzo)? Tanzo is the method used to forge metal and increase the strength of the ring. With a history of more than 50 years in Tokyo, our craftsmen craft each ring by hand and finish with the warmest touch. 

Create your refined and durable wedding bands with Fujimori Kajita today.

The selection of Bridal Jewellery holds a special significance to the two hearts which are about to beat as one.


At FUJIMORI KAJITA, we introduce you to the new world of coloured gemstones that is perfect for unique, alternative engagement rings.

Coloured Stone Engagement Ring

Dazzling coloured stones paired with intricate designs from our design house in Tokyo, Japan.

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Fujimori Kajita Club Street Boutique

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Priority will be given to customer with appointment bookings but walk-ins are welcome (subjected to staff's availability).

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