25 - 31 May

Japanese Craftsmanship

Experience the finest Japanese craftsmanship at FUJIMORI KAJITA. We provide one-of-a-kind pieces crafted for fine jewellery connoisseurs who are looking to own the ultimate heirloom; or simply lovers of vibrant colours and creative designs that add a sparkle to any outfit, for occasions of every kind.

High Jewellery

Fujimori Kajita artisans have been meticulously hand-crafting rare semi-precious stones from around the world into artisan jewellery for half a century hitherto. Every stone is carefully sourced and handpicked to ensure that only those with the best quality is used in all our designs.

Club Street Boutique

Discover Fujimori Kajita's one-of-a-kind fine jewellery and bespoke service at our new boutique located at 58A Club Street. 

Why 18-karat gold?

Besides it having a higher value, one of the advantages of 18k gold is its richer and vibrant colour. With 18k gold, you can choose between the three beautiful gold colours - yellow, white and rose gold. The 18k gold percentage is also less likely to trigger any skin conditions or reactions one may have because the presence of other metals and alloys is minimal.

The most desired and top selling Fujimori Kajita pieces handcrafted in Japan - our picks on the must-have jewellery essentials from our boutique.

The latest Fujimori Kajita trends and inspirations of the season. Discover the newest jewellery collections.