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Textured Wedding Bands

Custom Made

Wedding Bands

Custom Made Wedding Bands



An exquisite custom wedding band collection highlighting the mastery of Japan's foremost artisans.

Custom made wedding bands

Jiyu Jizai


A  seamless customization experience in the enchanting world of our Jiyu Jizai collection, where every detail is a canvas for your unique expression.

Diamond Eternity Ring

Eternity Diamond


An eternity ring features a band with a continuous line of identical diamonds, symbolizing enduring love. Crafted using the durable Tanzo forging technique, it represents the strength of lasting commitment.

Engagement Rings



Discover Fujimori Kajita's Coloured Stone Engagement Ring collection, offering a captivating alternative to traditional diamond rings, infusing your commitment with a burst of vibrant personality and individuality.

Custom Made in Japan

At Fujimori Kajita, we take pride in the artistry and dedication that goes into crafting every wedding ring.


Each of our exquisite custom made wedding rings is meticulously hand-crafted to order, ensuring that your symbol of love is as unique and special as your journey together.

Tanzo Technique

Our master artisans, based in our prestigious atelier in Tokyo, Japan, employ the centuries-old Tanzo forging method to transform raw materials into works of art. This intricate and time-honoured technique involves the skilful manipulation of metal to shape it with precision and perfection, resulting in wedding rings that exude both elegance and durability.

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