Colorada, translated as "Red" in Spanish.


Our designer was inspired by the beautiful Laguna Colorada (Red Lake) in Bolivia where she wish to travel. Designed simple but modern and sleek with an emphasis on the colour of the stones. 


Like a refreshing mint leaf.


Discover our latest collection of 2021 - Menthe, translated as 'Mint' in French. This collection features the light and refreshing Mint Tourmaline in different cuts - Princess cut and Oval cut. We carefully handpicked each loose stones back in our atelier in Tokyo and selected pieces with clear shades of mint green.

Tennis Bracelet

Classic & sleek - Fujimori / Kajita Tennis Bracelet. 


This classic tennis bracelet features a single row of round brilliant-cut diamonds set in finely crafted four prong baskets. Available in 18-karat yellow gold and platinum.

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