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Discover the story behind each intricate detail - designed and crafted by our in-house designer and craftsmen in Tokyo. Committed to bringing our clients the finest and exceptional experience, every piece from FUJIMORI / KAJITA Bespoke is created to bring their dream jewels to life.



Blossom by Blossom

Blossom by blossom, the spring begins. Ms E. shared with us her story about creating a piece of jewellery every year for her daughter. So that when she is grown up, she will have a collection of jewellery that holds meaning for her. We couldn’t agree with her idea more! After all, jewellery is something that sparks joy and reminds you of that exact moment when you purchase them.

Colour Changing

When Ms. L first discovered our brand online, the colour change garnet caught her eye with its lovely blue-green to wine-red colour transformation under different lightings. Being a great fan of garnets, she was determined to own this phenomenal gem. Read on and discover her Bespoke Journey with us now.

Only One Place on Earth

Found only one place on earth, tanzanite is said to be rarer than diamond. Poised between lush blue, vibrant violet, and rich purple, exotic tanzanite is found in only one place on earth, the Merelani Hills of Tanzania, which is where it gets its name.

Falling of Cherry Blossoms

"Hazakura (葉桜)" refers to cherry trees during the period after the cherry blossom falls and the trees start to sprout new leaves until the cherry trees are totally covered with new leaves of tender green. This pair of tourmaline reminded us of such beautiful scene in Spring.

Enchanting Butterflies

Like a pair of enchanting butterflies with kaleidoscope wings, Ms. N's earrings reminded us of the raw beauty and fascinating evolution of butterflies. Pieced together with various types of stones like beryl, tourmaline, sapphire and diamond - read on to discover the transformation of these loose stones into a dazzling pair of earrings.

Nature's Wonders - Five Flower Lake

Located in the southwest China, the Jiuzhaigou National Park is a valley on the Tibetan Plateau. Besides, breathtaking views, the valley is home to over dozen lakes and waterfalls. But, most spectacular of all is the Five Flower Lake. In this pandemic situation where everyone longs to travel, Ms K. reminisced about her trip to China few years ago. Read on to find out how our in-house designer transformed the beautiful memories of our client into a one of a kind masterpiece.

Te Poipoi

Creating our own version of『Te Poipoi 』. With coloured stones, there are endless possibilities. Captivated by the beautiful pleochroism of the Unheated Tanzanite, our designer has combined the different coloured gemstones and transformed the ring into an art piece.

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