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  • Mineral: Beryl            

  • Main Source of Origin: Colombia, Brasil, Zambia, Pakistan, Russia

  • Mohs Hardness: 7.5 - 8            

  • Birthstone: May

Believed to have been founded upon an ancient Persian word which was translated to Latin as ‘Smaragdus’ which describes a yellowish green colour like than of an emerald. Smaragdus passed into medieval Latin as Smaralda, then into French as Esmeralde and finally into English. It is interesting to know that Smaragd was also a word that had been used for Emerald and is the only noun in English that ends with -gd.


Emerald is gemstone of an alluring deep green hue which holds an important position in the gem world being one of the precious stones among three other precious stones – diamonds, ruby, and sapphire. It has been a favorite of many royalty and reigning rulers. Being a lover and avid collector of emeralds, Egyptian Queen, Cleopatra, was believed to assert her rights to an emerald mine in Upper Egypt, near the Red Sea. Shah Jahan, an Indian mogul who built the Taj Mahal, loved emeralds so deeply that he had sacred texts inscribed into the gemstones and used them as talismans.


The earliest trades of emeralds had been known to occur in markets in Babylon as early as 4000BC. According to an early text by Aristotle, who is a big fan of emerald, an emerald increases its owner’s significance in presence and speech during business, encourages a victorious outcome and aids in the soothing of tired eyes. Ancient writings of Veda (sacred texts of Hinduism) also testifies to emerald being a gem of good fortune which aids in one’s well-being.

Rarely appearing in big sizes, most emeralds contain inclusions that occur naturally during formation. Due to its formation under extremely harsh conditions, it comes as a surprise to many that emerald is found in a same mineral family with aquamarine that has a high clarity.


Emerald Cut

An emerald cut is a common cutting style used on emeralds, taking a square appearance with precisely cut facets. This cut serves to keep wastage of materials to minimal while enhancing the bright green hue of the emerald.


Other information:

  • Zodiac birthstone for Aries, Taurus, Gemini, Libra

  • Stone for 20th & 55th anniversaries