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Bespoke Jewellery by Fujimori Kajita
Enter the world of Coloured Gemstones

Discover the latest gemstone collections and design trends with our in-house designers and gemologist from Tokyo at Fujimori Kajita.

Uniquely You

Jewellery is more than just an adornment. It's an intimate item and can be used to commemorate every occasion.

Be it a wedding engagement, anniversary, job promotion or milestone birthday, we make meaningful gifts that celebrate you and your loved ones.

Bespoke Process


Fall in love with a gem from our extensive coloured stone collections. Allow our in-house gemologist to assist you in picking your one-of-a-kind gem.


Work with our designers to realise your vision for the piece. Experience a live-drawing session during the event. 


The crafting process usually takes about 8 - 12 weeks from the point of confirmation. Duration is subjected to the complexity of design.

Meet the Team

Takashi Fujimori

 The co-founder and head designer of the brand, Takashi Fujimori, studied jewellery design in Florence, Italy.


Takashi continues his father's legacy of creating unique and avant-garde designs from drawing inspiration from the time the founding members spent in Paris and Florence, giving vivacity to the stones he encounters worldwide.


Yoko Kato

The production manager and designer of KAJITA, Yoko Kato, has over 20 years of experience purchasing coloured stones and designing jewellery.

Yoko was in-charged in producing collections such as Kei, Ivy and Misaki. She'll be visiting Singapore for the first time!


Kengo Kajita

 The co-founder and gemologist of the brand, Kengo Kajita, after graduating from the Gemological Institute of America (GIA) with a degree in Gemology, joined the family business in KAJITA.


After taking over his father in 2020, Kengo became the president of KAJITA and continues to expand business in Singapore and Taiwan. This year, Kengo also became one of the directors of the International Coloured Stones Association (ICA).

Kengo shared his trip to this year's Tucson Gem Show earlier this month on our Journal page.

Bespoke Service

Fujimori Kajita Club Street Boutique

58A Club Street, Singapore 069433

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