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Colour Changing

When Ms. L first discovered our brand online, the colour change garnet caught her eye with its lovely blue-green to wine-red colour transformation under different lightings. Being a great fan of garnets, she was determined to own this phenomenal gem. Read on and discover her Bespoke Journey with us now.


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Originated from Madagascar, this colour-change garnet has a great brilliance and drastic colour changing effect under different light source. Observe its cool and mysterious blue-green hues changes to an elegant red hues under sunlight or what we called it as “incandescent light”. Similar to the famous Alexandrite stone, which is well-known for its colour-changing effect, the color change in garnet can be intense and equal to the colour change of top quality Alexandrite. In fact colour change garnets are often mistaken for Alexandrite! Especially those originated from Madagascar exhibits the colour changing effect from a blue base.

Colour Change Garnet

1.05 ct



K18YG | Diamond side stones

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A beautiful cushion cut stone calls for many possibilities of designs. Ms. L was open to any ring designs to bring out the lovely colours of the phenomenal garnet stone. With that, we proposed three simple designs to allow the colour changing effect to shine.

Design A is E-W setting, with one diamond placed on each side of the centre stone and a vintage touch milgrain design on the edge of the ring arm; while Design B is a simple N-S setting, with three diamonds placed on each side of the centre stone to bring out the brilliance of the garnet stone. Last but not least, we have Design C - a garnet & garnet design with three purplish rhodolite garnet placed on each side of the band. After our discussion with Ms. L via Zoom and later on, trying a few types of gold band in our store, she has settled on Design A with yellow gold for an elegant vintage-feel.

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In progress...

Customer's Review

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“F/K provided a detailed proposal with a selection of ring designs and making costs that were within my proposed budget. This made me feel at ease and I settled on a simple East-west setting with a lovely milgrain design that bears a vintage feel. Less is more. The workmanship of the ring is outstanding, and I love my ring! In this entire bespoke process, I can easily communicate my concerns and requests with the staff who are very patient and accommodating. 

Overall I am impressed by the impeccable and meticulous service by the patient and professional staff from Fujimori/Kajita, who made me feel valued as a customer. “ - Ms. L

Thank You

We would like to thank Ms. L for choosing us as her bespoke jeweller! We were equally thrilled to witness this beautiful phenomenal stone transformed into such stunning ring!

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