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Te Poipoi

Creating our own version of『Te Poipoi 』. With coloured stones, there are endless possibilities. Captivated by the beautiful pleochroism of the Unheated Tanzanite, our designer has combined the different coloured gemstones and transformed the ring into an art piece.


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Tanzanite is usually known for its deep blue colour after heat treatment. However, we must say that natural, unheated tanzanite possesses its own kind of charm and uniqueness. With its natural pleochroism - the ability of a gemstone to show different colors when viewed in different crystal directions, the stone looks like a miniature Milky Way Galaxy. Some tanzanites can be a distinct blue when viewed from one direction, and vary from violet to red when viewed from other directions. This particular one here has a mix of beautiful green and purple hues.

Unheated Tanzanite

4.92 ct



Platinum | Emerald & Pink Sapphire side stones

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Ms. K has been our customer ever since we started our pop up store in SG! We are always grateful for her continued support. This time, she fell in love with the Unheated Tanzanite from our loose stone list and has entrusted the design of her ring to our in-house designer! Our designer, Hayashi was inspired by the exotic art piece -『Te Poipoi 』by the famous painter, Gauguin. Here, she used a mixture of two coloured stones - emerald and pink sapphire to complement the pleochroism of the stone and in a way, painting her own Te Poi Poi.

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In progress...

Customer's Review

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"The design process was still pretty interactive even though we did it over a zoom across two timezones. Hayashi-san was able to quickly sketch during the first session. The subsequent confirmations and finalisation, even to the selection of the smaller stones were done over Whatsapp which made for an interesting experience. I like that the stone has different colours under different light, the green emeralds complement the main stone." - Ms. K

Thank You

We would like to thank Ms. K for her continued support and trust in our design and craftsmanship. Though we had to do it through Zoom, it was overall a smooth consultation and we had a nice catch up with our regular client! At FUJIMORI / KAJITA Bespoke, we hope to always create jewellery that accompanies you on for long and also, constantly reminds you of the joy and energy within you.

Feeling inspired by the stone and design?

You may view our Unheated Tanzanite loose stone here.

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