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Only One Place on Earth

Found only one place on earth, tanzanite is said to be rarer than diamond. Poised between lush blue, vibrant violet, and rich purple, exotic tanzanite is found in only one place on earth, the Merelani Hills of Tanzania, which is where it gets its name.


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Just like other coloured gemstones, vivid strongly-coloured tanzanites are highly sought after. This 1.81 ct round cut Tanzanite here shines a vivid colour of violetish blue and possesses an extraordinary brilliance due to its fine cutting. A 8-mm round cut stone is a perfect size for bespoke jewellery - to create a bold piece with multiple coloured side stones or a classy piece to highlight the centre stone. Customer is able to find and paint their own palette with the help of our in-house designer.


1.87 ct



Platinum & K18YG | Pink Sapphire side stone

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During our first Zoom meeting with Ms N, we discovered her fun and down-to-earth personality; as well as her interest in travelling through the exchange of conversations and sharing of photos. Ms N was opened to different ideas and also shared with us some of the designs that interests her. With her request of a yellow gold band, we suggested side stones like diamond, yellow sapphire and pink sapphire to create a colour balance with the Tanzanite stone that she had picked out from our loose stone list. With more than 4 or 5 designs drafted, Ms N has settled for Design C - with an “opened” ring arm and pear-shaped pink sapphire side stone, designed to give an illusion of a slim and elongated finger. Later, inspired by one of the ring arm design of our store item, we added the texture and details as per her request!

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In progress...

Customer's Review

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"I am really happy with the entire process even though this is my first time making a bespoke piece. Despite having to view and select the gemstone via Zoom, the entire Fujimori / Kajita team made it as smooth as possible. I also love the idea of the team giving me more than one option after the initial view of the gemstone, while keeping to the agreed budget. 

I enjoyed the entire process tremendously and I hope to make my second bespoke piece soon with Fujimori / Kajita!" - Ms. N

Thank You

We would like to thank Ms. N for ordering her first Bespoke Jewellery and having trust in our service and craftsmanship. Though we had to do it through Zoom, it was a pleasant experience overall. At FUJIMORI / KAJITA Bespoke, we hope to create jewellery that accompanies you on for long and also, constantly reminds you of the joy and energy within you.

Feeling inspired by the stone and design?

We are restocking similar stones. You may view our Non-heat Tanzanite here.

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