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Falling of Cherry Blossoms

"Hazakura (葉桜)" refers to cherry trees during the period after the cherry blossom falls and the trees start to sprout new leaves until the cherry trees are totally covered with new leaves of tender green. This pair of tourmaline reminded us of such beautiful scene in Spring.


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When our designer encountered these beautiful tourmalines at the world’s largest gem show - Tucson Gem & Mineral Show, she was instantly reminded of the late Spring season back in Tokyo. The bi-colour tourmalines resemble the scenes where the cherry blossoms are starting to fall and trees are starting to sprout new greens, gradually changing their overall colour from pink to tender green until all the cherry blossoms have fallen. This particular status of the cherry trees is known as "Hazakura".

Hazakura Tourmaline

2.14 & 2.23 ct



K18PG | Prongs | Hoop Rings

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To accentuate the beautiful bi-colours in the tourmaline stones, a simple earrings design would do the job. Our client has requested for a pair of hoop earrings to go with the stones and here, our designer has offered three different designs - of course to be crafted in 18 karat rose gold to complement the pinkish hues of the stones!

Design A features a medium sized hoop rings with a fixed gemstone in the basket; Design B features a medium sized hoop rings with “removable” gemstones where our client is able to wear them as both plain hoop earrings and dangling earrings with gemstones; and lastly Design C would be a simple small sized hoop rings with a fixed gemstone. Which design has won the heart of our client? Yes you’re right - who wouldn’t love such flexible design like Design B!

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In progress...

Customer's Review

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"The earrings look really solid and classy! Love that the green from the tourmalines are quite obvious too! Have been wearing them with and without the stones! It's super elegant and shiny. Thank you so much for making this happen!" - Michelle L.

Thank You

We would like to thank Ms L. for entrusting us with the design and making of her Hazakura Tourmaline Earrings. At FUJIMORI / KAJITA Bespoke, we hope to always create jewellery that accompanies you on for long and also, constantly reminds you of the joy and energy within you.

Feeling inspired by the stone and design?

You may view our Hazakura Tourmaline loose stone here.

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