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Enchanting Butterflies

Like a pair of enchanting butterflies with kaleidoscope wings, Ms. N's earrings reminded us of the raw beauty and fascinating evolution of butterflies. Pieced together with various types of stones like beryl, tourmaline, sapphire and diamond - read on to discover the transformation of these loose stones into a dazzling pair of earrings.


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Unlike the usual green tourmalines, this pair of tourmaline stones here possesses a charming hint of blue. We carefully picked these stones to make a matching pair. With less than a carat size each, they are suitable to be made into any types of earrings.

Green Tourmaline

0.77 & 0.8 ct



K18YG | Yellow Beryl, Yellow Sapphire, Pink Tourmaline, Diamond

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Inspired by our previous <Falling of Cherry Blossom>’s post, Ms N. has requested for a similar pair of detachable hoop earrings. Well, we say: who wouldn’t love a versatile pair of earrings? Right? Match them as a pair of plain hoop earrings with your work outfit or attach the earring charms to spice up your outfit for special occasions! With that, we proposed a total of three hoop designs and three charm designs for Ms N.

For earring charm designs, we suggested different arrangements of stones with some lovely pear-shape pink tourmalines and yellow sapphires, creating a pastel palette. As for the hoop designs, in design A, we proposed to set a centre stone for a simple design. In this case, we chose an oval-cut yellow beryl with a lovely shade of pale yellow and small melee diamonds for a little sparkles. While design B features classic hoop earrings design with a paved diamonds or yellow sapphires. Lastly for design C, we suggested a plain design with simple texture on the hoop metals which can be worn together with our client’s daily wear.

Ms N. told us that she was so spoilt for choices! Especially for the hoop designs - so she requested to combine the texture in C with the oval-cut yellow beryl in A! What a great idea, isn’t it?

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In progress..

Customer's Review

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"The earrings are so beautiful and easy to wear! The hoops alone were striking and I was able to wear them on my work days or even out running errands. The green tourmaline charms sparkle and they compliment so well with the other gem stones." - Ms. N

Thank You

We would like to thank Ms N. for entrusting yet another bespoke piece with us! We must say that our clients always inspire us to create pieces beyond our imagination!

Feeling inspired by the stone and design?

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