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Blossom by Blossom

Blossom by blossom, the spring begins. Ms E. shared with us her story about creating a piece of jewellery every year for her daughter. So that when she is grown up, she will have a collection of jewellery that holds meaning for her. We couldn’t agree with her idea more! After all, jewellery is something that sparks joy and reminds you of that exact moment when you purchase them.


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When our designer encountered these beautiful tourmalines at the world’s largest gem show - Tucson Gem & Mineral Show, she was instantly reminded of the late Spring season back in Tokyo. The bi-colour tourmalines resemble the scenes where the cherry blossoms are starting to fall and trees are starting to sprout new greens, gradually changing their overall colour from pink to tender green until all the cherry blossoms have fallen. This particular status of the cherry trees is known as "Hazakura".

Hazakura Tourmaline

4.05 ct


Ring and Necklace Set

K18PG | Pink Tourmaline side stones

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Attracted to the Spring colours of our Hazakura Tourmaline, Ms. E wishes to create a set of Hazakura Tourmaline jewellery for her daughter. For set jewellery, our designer has suggested three different designs for the pair of Hazakura Tourmaline.

Design A features a dainty and simple design of one small stone each at the side of the main Tourmaline stone. Besides pink, we also suggested other coloured stones like green garnet and peridot to mimic the leaves of the Sakura flowers. While in Design B, we feature 4 small stones at the side of the main Tourmaline stones, mimicking smaller sakura flowers when viewed in a diagonal angle. Lastly, Design C speaks to us as a classic halo design for both pendant and ring - with main stone encircled by smaller pink stones. Alternatively, the pink stones can also be replaced with diamonds for a simpler design.

After some consideration, Ms E went with the sweet and lovely combination of Hazakura Tourmaline and Pink Tourmaline in Design 2. The choice of pink tourmaline is of a darker shade to create a contrast with the main stone.

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In progress..

Customer's Review

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"I love the hazakura tourmaline as it represents Spring and new beginnings. My daughter was excited to be involved in the entire bespoke process where she chose the side stones and gave her opinions regarding the various designs. She gave delighted squeals when she saw the necklace and ring. 

My heartfelt appreciation to the FK team for creating such beautiful memories my daughter and I could hold. Thank you so much." - Ms E.

Thank You

We would like thank Ms E. for her continued support and for entrusting such an important memory to us.

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