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Crafting Uniqueness: Meet Takashi Fujimori of Fujimori Kajita

Embark on a journey of creativity with Takashi Fujimori, the visionary designer and co-founder of Fujimori Kajita, in week 2 of our event.

The co-founder and head designer of the brand, Takashi Fujimori, studied jewellery design in Florence, Italy.


Takashi continues his father's legacy of creating unique and avant-garde designs from drawing inspiration from the time the founding members spent in Paris and Florence, giving vivacity to the stones he encounters worldwide.

Takashi's passion for unique stones is palpable; he specialises in quick sketches inspired by these treasures, combining customer ideas seamlessly.


Handpicked Bi-colour Tourmalines, Dumortierite Quartz, Moonstones and Pearls await, each captivating Takashi with their colour and shape, challenging him to craft something truly extraordinary.

Here's your chance to not only explore these exquisite gemstones but also to share your ideas and personal story with Takashi, co-creating a masterpiece that reflects your unique narrative. Join us in week 2 for an unforgettable session, where imagination knows no bounds and dreams are transformed into tangible, wearable art.


<Week 2: Gem Exploration and Bespoke Service with Takashi>

2024 Designer & Gemologist Show

Fujimori Kajita Club Street Boutique


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