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The Narrative of Gemstones


Please share your story with me.

The start of jewellery making always begins with gazing at the gemstones in front of me.

To put it a bit dramatically, it’s like having a conversation with the gemstones. The structure of the colour stones as minerals, and the beautiful colours brought out by superior cutting, are never the same. I listen intently to the faint voices that, if not carefully attended to, could easily be overlooked.

coloured gemstones

In my view, a Gemologist is not so much a scholar but more like a detective or an inventor, akin to Sherlock Holmes or Leonardo da Vinci in my mind. They connect the dots between minute evidence and seemingly unrelated hypotheses to vividly deduce the answer.

“Today, you have all gathered here for no other reason than this: among the passengers on this ship is the culprit.”

When I talk about gemstones, I envision the climax of a story, where the detective gathers all involved parties and begins to speak. Each gemstone has its unique background, and I would be delighted to share their surprising and emotional stories with you.

Another major role in Designer & Gemologist Show (D&G) is that of the Designer, who also engages in conversations with the gemstones. The Designer thinks about the design that best brings out the charm of the gemstones. Pouring creativity into it, they transform beautiful gemstones into wearable adornments. The interesting part about D&G is that the person wearing the gemstones (that is, you) is right there in front of us. Thus, we Gemologists and Designers converse with you, listening to your story. We translate the story of the gemstones into your narrative.

Annabelle, Edelyne, and Celine are waiting with me at the FUJIMORI KAJITA Club Street Boutique, where we’ve crafted a wonderful presentation of new gemstones and jewellery. In a comfortable, private space filled with gentle sunlight, let’s have a leisurely talk.

Please share your story with me.

Kengo Kajita

Gemologist & Co-founder



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