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Perfume Bottles Necklace · 香水瓶 (kousui-bin)

Tourmaline Necklace

Xia’s latest creation, “Perfume Bottles,” seamlessly blends two distinct design styles — Art Nouveau, known for its organic forms, and Art Deco, characterised by sleek modernity. Drawing inspiration from nature, the Peridot piece embodies the graceful curves of Art Nouveau, while the Aquamarine and Tanzanite pieces exude the clean lines of Art Deco.

Photo by Kevin Rajaram on Unsplash | Photo by William Wachter on Unsplash

The luxurious gemstone hues elegantly adorn each perfume bottle, accentuating the meticulously crafted bottle caps and textured side stripes. Referencing the artistic movements and architectural marvels of the Art Nouveau and Art Deco periods, every piece boasts a unique and captivating design.

For example, the triangular side design of the peridot evokes the delicate silhouette of a ginkgo leaf, while the vertical stripes above the aquamarine gemstone pay homage to the iconic Empire State Building of the Art Deco era.

Be sure to meet Xia and explore the enchanting “Perfume Bottles” collection exclusively at our Designer & Gemologist Show, taking place from April 10th to April 21st. Keep an eye out for the RSVP link, set to be released on March 30th.

Designer Xia


Week 1 (10 - 14 Apr)

<Gem Exploration and Bespoke Service with Kengo & Xia>

2024 Designer & Gemologist Show

Wed 10 Apr - Sun 21 Apr

Fujimori Kajita Club Street Boutique


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