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Bridal Gemstone, Sakura Pink Sapphire

「 桜のように儚く、美しい愛。」

A love as fleeting and beautiful as cherry blossoms. With a delicate and sweet pink hue reminiscent of cherry blossom petals, this gem captures the fleeting yet profound beauty of love.

Sakura Pink Sapphire

「 桜色のピンクサファイア」

Pink Sapphire

This piece stands out not only for its visual, but also for its exceptional hardness and brilliance, making it an ideal choice for an engagement ring that will be cherished for a lifetime. Beyond its identity as a Sapphire, this unheated Pink Sapphire is uniquely cut resulting in a stone with extra scintillation and distinct shine. The way light reflects off the stone mirrors the falling Sakura petals.


Our journey into the world of meaningful gemstones has only just begun. We invite you to join us on this chapter and discover the gemstone that will forever symbolise your everlasting love. Visit us at our Club Street Boutique to view them in person and find the perfect stone for your once-in-a-lifetime engagement ring.


Featured Gemstone

Pink Sapphire, 0.57 ct

SKU: FS-24-105


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