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March's Birthstone — Aquamarine


Aquamarine is a popular stone among gemstone lovers, known for its soothing blue hues. I feel calm whenever I look at the beautiful Aquamarine stones at our atelier.

While many know that Aquamarine is blue in colour, they are not aware that it actually belongs to the beryl family - which is the same family group as emerald and morganite. How fascinating that an element in the compound has such a drastic effect on the stone's colour! I enjoy watching customers' reactions when I share these facts about Aquamarine.

Santa Maria Aquamarine

Aquamarine, unlike its cousin, Emerald, is known for its high clarity and transparency. For those who love a nice clear stone with a soothing colour, Aquamarine and Morganite are the stones for you.

Though mostly comes in pale sky blue, the most valuable specimens of Aquamarine are the ones from Santa Maria, Brazil, producing the most intense blue Aquamarines in the world.

As a symbol of purity and communication, Aquamarine jewellery is often gifted for special occasions, like birthdays and anniversaries. As March unfolds, let us celebrate the beauty and timeless allure of Aquamarine.

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