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Introducing our enchanting Pear Drops Earrings in Moonstone, a mesmerizing union of celestial beauty and luxurious craftsmanship.


Crafted in radiant 18k yellow gold, these earrings feature captivating moonstones, each boasting a substantial 1.70 carats and adorned with vibrant rainbow hues that dance with ethereal grace. Cradled delicately beneath the moonstones are pear-shaped diamonds, shimmering with brilliance and elegance, accentuating the celestial allure of the design.


Whether worn as ear studs for a touch of everyday elegance or as striking drop earrings for special occasions, these pieces effortlessly elevate any ensemble with their celestial charm and refined sophistication.

Pear Drops Earrings in Moonstone

SKU: 10104876
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  • Material: K18 Yellow Gold 

    Stone: Moonstone 

    Size: 1.77 ct & 1.78 ct