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Introducing the Hazakura Tourmaline Chunky Ring, a tribute to the enchanting "Hazakura" phenomenon, where the vibrant green foliage intertwines with the delicate Sakura blossoms.


This exquisite piece marries tradition with modernity, featuring a resplendent Asscher-cut Hazakura Tourmaline at its core, where nature's artistry has bestowed an intricate blend of lush green and soft pink hues within a single gemstone.


Surrounded by a dazzling halo of meticulously set diamonds, this ring elevates elegance to new heights. It's not just a piece of jewellery; it's a masterpiece that captures the essence of a fleeting, awe-inspiring moment in nature's grand tapestry. With the Hazakura Tourmaline Chunky Ring, you can carry the magic of springtime's most captivating transformation wherever you go, forever adorning your hand with its captivating beauty.

Hazakura Tourmaline Chunky Ring

SKU: 10104991