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The Process, Tanzō.

Updated: Mar 25

At Fujimori Kajita, we take pride in the artistry and dedication that goes into crafting every wedding ring. With a growing interest in unique, handmade pieces with a story, we create each piece using, Tanzō , a traditional mastery of jewellery-making.

Tanzō method includes the repeated action of forging, stretching, heating, etc by skilfully executed by our master artisans to create a durable piece that is unique to its own. No two rings can ever be the same.

Though it may not seem like a challenge to create slightly different pieces each time, it is not a simple process to overlook. It is highly time-consuming to create one even with the necessary experience and skill.

Soldering 18K Gold Ring

Tanzō yields a high-density and high-brilliance metal from all the impact during the making. It is indeed a testament to the craftsmanship's impact throughout the meticulous process. The end result is a timeless ring that not only boasts unparalleled quality but also carries a noticeable firmness and weight, offering a unique and gratifying experience when worn.

We make sure that your experience of choosing a Tanzō ring goes beyond merely selecting jewellery; it is about embracing a one-of-a-kind symbol that encapsulates the depth and uniqueness of your love story.

As you wear this masterpiece throughout your journey, you carry not just a ring, but a meaningful narrative that adds a special touch to your love story.

Find out more details on our Tanzō handmade rings here.


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