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Mother's Day: Embracing the Unseen Connection

Updated: May 1

In the hustle and bustle of our daily lives, there exists a bond that transcends the visible, a connection that is felt deep within the heart. It's the unspoken understanding, the shared moments of laughter and tears, and the unwavering support that define the relationship between mothers and daughters.

(Mom: Helix Necklace & Ring; Daughter: Memoire Ring)

At Fujimori Kajita, we believe that jewellery is more than just an accessory; it's a symbol of the invisible ties that bind us together. Our Mother's Day campaign is a celebration of this profound and indescribable bond, expressed through the beauty of our exquisite jewellery pieces.

Through our campaign, we invite you to witness the intangible connection between mothers and daughters, captured through moments both together and apart. Each piece of jewellery serves as a tangible representation of the invisible thread that unites them, a reminder of the love and support that flows between them.

(Daughter: PS Earrings & Memoire Necklace; Mom: Himitsu Sakura Necklace & Ring)

From the daughter wearing our jewellery with confidence as she navigates through her daily routines, to the mother adorned in the same pieces as she embraces moments of joy and solitude, our campaign showcases the depth and breadth of this extraordinary bond.

(Mom & Daughter: Helix and Memoire collections)

Join us as we honour the unseen connection that lies at the heart of motherhood, a bond that cannot be seen but is felt in every gesture, every smile, and every piece of jewellery we wear. Together, let us celebrate the enduring strength and beauty of mother-daughter relationships, and the timeless love that unites us all.

From 1 May to 12 May, enjoy 10% off the items from the Mother's Day collection with a minimum spend of $1,500. Discover the collections now at our Takashimaya store - Helix, Himitsu Sakura, Memoire and PS Earrings.


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