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Illuminate Your Love with Hikari Wedding Bands

Updated: Jul 11

愛は光のように 、優しく輝く。 Love, like light, gently shines. The inspiration | Hikari

Hikari art

Our Hikari collection, named after the Japanese word for "light," captures this belief beautifully. Each ring in this collection is designed to shine as brightly as the love it represents. The Hikari design is distinguished by its uniform facets that encircle the entire band, each hand-shaved by the craftsman. To add to its unique charm, the band features a Pearskin texture finish. This finely crafted texture adds a subtle matte quality, providing a perfect contrast to the single cut line that runs through the centre of the band. These facets create a mesmerizing play of light, reflecting brilliance from every angle.

Just as light illuminates our world, the Hikari wedding bands are crafted to illuminate your love story. We invite you to visit our store at Takashimaya store and Club Street Boutique to explore the Hikari collection and find a ring that shines as brightly as your love.


Featured Bands 

Artisan Collection 

First Pair: Pt950 & K18CG Hikari Wedding Bands | Black Diamond

Second Pair: Pt950 & K18PG Hikari Wedding Bands | Diamonds Third Pair: K18CG & K18CG Hikari Wedding Bands | Diamond


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