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Capturing the Essence of Feathers: Hane Wedding Band

Updated: Jul 11

「 羽のように軽やかで、優雅な愛の象徴。 」

A symbol of love, light and graceful like a feather. Our Hane collection, named after the Japanese word for "feather," embodies the lightness and elegance of its namesake.

The Inspiration


Hane Illustration


Feathers have long been a symbol of purity, lightness, and freedom. In many cultures, they represent love and the bonds that tie us together. The Hane collection draws on this rich symbolism, incorporating the natural grace of feathers into each ring's design. Design Feature

The standout feature of this ring is the use of our Cross texture. It is applied in a specific, yet simple manner to create the illusion of feather strands. The overall combination of a tapered band and the texture here are also curated to mimic the delicate visual of feathers, resulting in a stunning outcome with a touch of Vintage charm.

Visit our store at Takashimaya to explore the Hane collection firsthand and let us help you find the perfect wedding band that resonates with your unique story of love and commitment.


Featured Bands 

Artisan Collection 

First Pair: Pt950 & K18PG Hane Wedding Bands | Diamond

Second Pair: K18CG Hane & Valentino Wedding Bands | Diamond Third Pair: K18PG Hane Wedding Bands | Diamond


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