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Hammered Design: Unveiling the Unique Charm of Each Wedding Band

Updated: Jun 5


A ring hammered by hand, each one a love story. We're thrilled to shine a spotlight on one of our most sought-after collection! In recent months, the Hammered design has become a favourite among couples in Singapore. Its distinctive look and the personal touch of handmade craftsmanship make it a popular choice for those seeking something truly special.

The Nature of Hammered Design 槌目

Despite its geometric nature, the Hammered design boasts a distinct individuality. The act of hammering on a flat band during the making process creates unique dents across the band, each reflecting light in a way that produces a captivating shine. No two rings will ever have the exact same pattern, making every piece truly one-of-a-kind.

The Combinations

At Fujimori Kajita, we believe in personalisation. Our made-to-order rings allow couples to customize every detail on the ring. By adding our signature Pearskin texture, for instance, adds a refined visual dimension to the dents with more subdued shine.

In our quest for endless creativity, we've experimented with combining the Hammered design with our Hairline texture. Typically used to complement sleek, streamlined designs, the Hairline texture adds a futuristic aesthetic when paired with the static nature of the Hammered design. This results in a clean yet intricate look to its details.

Visit us at Fujimori Kajita and discover how our craftsmanship can bring your unique vision to life. Whether you're drawn to the distinct individuality of the hammered facets or the innovative combinations with other textures, our team is here to help you find a ring that perfectly captures your love story.


Featured Bands Jiyujizai Collection First Pair: Pt950 Hammered Wedding Band | Pearskin texture

Second Pair: K18CG Hammered Wedding Band | Polished | Star Carving | Diamond Third Pair: Pt950 Hammered Wedding Band | Milgrain

Fourth Pair: K18WG Hammered Wedding Band | Hairline texture | Star Carving


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