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Celebrating 5 Years of Elegance: A Journey from Tokyo to Singapore

Updated: Jan 10

Dear Valued Customers and Admirers,

As we proudly celebrate the 5th anniversary of FUJIMORI KAJITA here in Singapore, we reflect on a remarkable journey that began over a decade ago. Ten years ago, our founders crossed paths in Japan, sharing a vision for fine jewellery that marries the allure of coloured stones with the finesse of Japanese craftsmanship.

The initial spark ignited in 2013 when we embarked on our journey with pop-up stores, creating a buzz and introducing the world to the beauty we cherished. These early ventures laid the groundwork for what would eventually become a cherished presence in the heart of Singapore.

In 2019, we achieved a significant milestone by opening our first official store at Takashimaya Department Store, a symbolic home for our craftsmanship and creativity. This marked not just the establishment of physical space but the creation of a haven where our jewellery could be appreciated and adored.

To our cherished customers, who have been an integral part of this odyssey, we extend our deepest gratitude. Your support, from those early pop-up days to the present, has been the driving force behind our evolution. Each piece you've chosen has contributed to the story we tell through our craftsmanship.

As we commemorate this 5th Year Anniversary, our motivation remains steadfast. We are not merely crafting jewellery; we are sharing the enchanting beauty of nature's wonders with the world. The vibrant gemstones and Japanese precision in each piece are an ode to the seamless blend of artistry and nature.

From the streets of Tokyo to the heart of Singapore, we are immensely thankful for the love and acceptance we've received. This anniversary is not just a marker of time but a celebration of the shared moments, stories, and connections that our jewellery has become a part of.

Here's to the next chapter of our journey, where we continue to spread the magic of nature's wonders through the artistry of FUJIMORI KAJITA.

With heartfelt gratitude,


Embark on a jubilant journey with our esteemed founders, Takashi Fujimori and Kengo Kajita, as we throw open the doors of celebration at our Takashimaya store from January 17 to January 21! Revel in the festivities with exclusive discounts of up to 30%, and for an extra sprinkle of excitement, enjoy an additional 5% off on purchases exceeding $3,500 in-store.

As we mark the joyous occasion of our 5th Anniversary at the Takashimaya store, we're adding an extra layer of delight. Seize the opportunity to snag our limited-edition 5th-year anniversary illustration T-shirt with every purchase, a stylish keepsake to commemorate half a decade of brilliance. Act fast, as these exclusive shirts are available only while stocks last.

Join us in this grand celebration, where every purchase is not just a transaction but a cherished memory of our journey together. Let the festivities begin at FUJIMORI KAJITA – where passion meets precision, and every piece tells a story. Cheers to five years of elegance, and many more to come!


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