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Nature's Wonders - Five Flower Lake

Located in the southwest China, the Jiuzhaigou National Park is a valley on the Tibetan Plateau. Besides, breathtaking views, the valley is home to over dozen lakes and waterfalls. But, most spectacular of all is the Five Flower Lake. In this pandemic situation where everyone longs to travel, Ms K. reminisced about her trip to China few years ago. Read on to find out how our in-house designer transformed the beautiful memories of our client into a one of a kind masterpiece.


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Originated from Mozambique, this Lagoon Tourmaline captured the heart of our designer during her trip to the biggest gem show of the world - Tucson Gem & Mineral Show. Unlike usual green tourmaline, lagoon tourmaline possesses a hint of blue which makes colour more unique and elegant.

Lagoon Tourmaline

2.29 ct



Platinum | Sapphire and Garnet side stones

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Mesmerised by the charming lagoon green colour of the tourmaline stone, Ms K. was reminded of her trip to China few years go. This time, Ms K. has entrusted the design of the ring to our founder / in-house designer, Takashi Fujimori. During our appointment on Zoom, Ms K. showed us some pictures of the spectacular Five Flower Lake in Jiuzhaigou National Park. The Five Flower Lake, surrounded by mountains with stunning lake colours varying from amber yellow, emerald green, dark jade to light turquoise. The colours of the lake inspired our designer Takashi to add side stones like green garnets, yellow sapphires and orange sapphires around the centre stone to depict the five flower lake in our client’s heart.

Takashi also designed the arm of the ring in one motion line to make a good space surrounding the main tourmaline stone. He then placed 5 crowns of small stones randomly, which makes them look more organic. The form of arm also protects the main stone and to prevent the wearer from hitting the stone, the height of main stone is also controlled. One of the most challenging part of making was the setting of yellow and orange sapphires on the ring arm. Because unlike diamonds, these sapphires are not in uniform sizes. Hence, this would require an extra attention during crafting. With the line and flow of the ring - depicting the lake water, we watched as the incredibly beautiful and mysterious lake came alive. This ring shows the perfect union of craftsmanship and imagination.

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Customer's Review

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"I appreciate Fujimori-san's efforts as he managed to match the graduated colours like the photo resulting in this final design. The final ring is really stunning and looks brilliant in real life!" - Ms K.

Thank You

We would like to thank Ms. K for her continued support and trust in our design and craftsmanship.

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