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Bespoke Snowflake Blue Sapphire Ring and Taishido Wedding Bands for W & A

Updated: Jul 11

Let’s journey back to the beginning, shall we?

W first reached out to us last August, enquiring about a special series of sapphires with the colour 'cornflower blue'. Now, Cornflower Blue Sapphires are particularly sought after for their colour; it's extremely rare to find a sapphire of pure blue without hues of purple or violet.

W knows A better than anyone else and wanted her to have nothing but the best. He came prepared with a bespoke design in mind, one that will complement the Cornflower Blue Sapphire well. Knowing her love for snowflake-inspired designs, we worked alongside our designers in Japan to create this one-of-a-kind engagement ring. The ring features scintillating Ice Blue- and White- Diamonds that accentuate the centre stone with a beautiful display of milgrain detailings around the band.

Just look at this luxurious custom-made engagement ring for A!

W proposed to A in Japan last November in a private setting for two, and although they don’t have images to share with us, we know for a fact that their proposal was a huge success! Shortly after their engagement, they came back to us looking for their wedding bands.

They liked the reflective, diamond-cut lines of the Taishido design and decided to add complementing outer stones (for W to match A’s Sapphire), creating a beautiful bridal set uniquely theirs.

Fujimori Kajita is grateful for the opportunity to create their precious keepsakes and sincerely wishes them everlasting love and happiness as they walk through this new chapter of life together.


Engagement Ring

· Custom Order

Wedding Bands

Artisan Collection

· Male: Taishido Ring | K18YG | 4.0 mm | Blue Sapphire · Female: Taishido Ring | K18YG | 2.0 mm | Ice Blue Diamond and White Diamond


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