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18K Champagne Gold Textured Engagement and Wedding Rings for N & V.

Updated: Jul 11

N & V embarked on a meaningful exploration, seeking the perfect symbols of their union with us last December. Amidst the refined setting, their discerning tastes led them on a path illuminated by quality craftsmanship and timeless design. During their first bridal appointment with us, N & V meticulously considered various designs and textures, focusing not only on aesthetics but also on understanding the intricate hand-shaving process that adorns every taper in the Daylight design. N was particularly drawn to the idea of a two-toned ring with shaved tapers, adding an extra layer of charm to their selection. Eventually, they decided to proceed with customising these made-to-order pieces to suit their preferences.

A pair of Japanese Handcrafted Wedding Bands and an Engagement Ring
Elletra Engagement Ring and Daylight Wedding Band

Though initially focused on wedding bands, N & V couldn't resist pausing at our engagement ring section to admire the artistry of our Artisan Engagement Ring.

Meticulously crafted with hairline textures, ridge-band design, and lower diamond setting, our Elletra design stood out to V. Despite our designs being customisable, she opted for this semi-order design, drawn to the existing combinations of each element, and decided to choose a specific diamond from our collection to add a personal touch to her engagement ring.

While their ultimate selections didn't require elaborate customisation, each piece they chose remains deeply meaningful in their love story. These carefully chosen treasures, though simple in appearance, carry the weight of their devotion through their process of finding the perfect pieces. We extend our heartfelt gratitude to N & V for allowing us to be part of their special journey! We wish them a lifetime filled with love, joy, and cherished memories.


Engagement ring

Elletra | Hairline texture | 0.34ct Diamond | 18K Champagne Gold Wedding Band Artisan Collection Male: Daylight & Unite (dual tone) | 18K Champagne Gold & White Gold | 3.0mm Female: Daylight | 18K Champagne Gold | 2.5mm


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