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This October, FUJIMORI KAJITA is delighted to introduce the most recent creations from our Tokyo atelier to Singapore.

From October 4th to 15th, we invite you to visit our Takashimaya store and explore our two distinctive and imaginative collections: Ar and W Ring, in the presence of our founders, Mr. Takashi Fujimori and Mr. Kengo Kajita.


The "Ar" collection is launched with five designs that blend the fun and vibrancy of coloured gemstones with the sensuous impression of metals.


Natural gemstones such as blue sapphire, white sapphire, tanzanite, peridot, rhodolite garnet, and diamonds are used, and they are carefully combined to enhance each stone's colour, size, and cutting characteristics.

Furthermore, attention is given to details such as the volume of the metal and the asymmetrical curves drawn in the designs, as well as the comfort experienced when worn against the skin. The designs are intended to be both extravagant and to accentuate the wearer's individuality.


Pricing Details:

Mini $1,600 - $1,900

Small $1,800 - $2,100

Medium $2,300 - $2,600

Large $4,900 - $5,200

W Ring-5.jpg
W Ring

The name "W RING" was chosen with the intention of becoming a companion, like a "partner" who is spent with in daily life, taking the "W" from "With."


Moments of joy and happiness are unique to each person, but, for example, there are moments when one can't help but smile, such as when something unexpectedly delightful happens, when delicious food is being enjoyed, or when a lively conversation is being had with friends. "W RING" is there to share those moments when a smile wants to be shared with someone.

W Ring-wear-min.jpg
W Ring-3.jpg

Pricing Details:

$2,300 - $2,800

Each expression is adorned with various cuts of natural coloured gemstones and diamonds, adding vivid colours and brilliance to the wrist. The design is fresh and playful, yet it is a genuine piece of jewellery made with high-quality natural gemstones and 18-karat gold. We hope that this ring becomes your "companion" and can be worn every day.

FUJIMORI KAJITA Takashimaya Store
Oct 4 - 15, 2023

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