We invite you to our first Takarabako Sale at the F/K Salon.


Discover a wide selection of south sea pearls designs and one-of-a-kind stones from our Takarabako sales collection. Enjoy discounts up to 50% OFF over 80 items exclusively at our salon.

From 19 - 24 Nov, book an appointment with us - take a closer look at the items and try them on.

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About the Collections


Inspired by kaen'gata doki (flame-style pottery) back in ancient Japan Jōmon period, Kaen collection's setting frames and prongs take the form of the distinctive dynamic flame motif, enclosing large cabochon-cut moonstone and rose quartz. 


Ocean Luck

South sea pearls, Tahitian pearls and corals; these beautiful natural gems from the sea in bowl-shaped discs symbolises good fortune and blessings.



Sirena is a composition and balance of mass and void. Centre stones are held together by clean lines and accented with asymmetrical sparkling diamonds.



These original chess-cut Brazilian quartz are voluminous, giving off an intense brilliance while playing with colors.



Our Luna collection features the dreamer's stone - Labradorite or sometimes known as "rainbow moonstone" in a white matrix. Encompasses by brilliant diamonds and coloured stones like blue and pink sapphires, and green garnets.


Pearl & Diamond Rings

The Pearl & Diamond features the perfectly round, rosy Akoya Pearl and brilliant round-cut diamond as the centre stone - encircled by brilliant diamonds.


Corals Collection

Ravishing red corals birthed by Japan sea, symbolizing good fortune and blessings.


Lien Pearl Studs

Characterised by weaves, the collection features precious handwoven metals that adorn lustrous pearls while retaining an air of craftsmanship.


Adjustable Floral Necklaces

Versatile - in every way. The adjustable floral necklace, as its name suggests can be worn in several ways. Adjust the floral pendant top to your desired position, they can be styled as a long pendant, a station necklace, and a double chain short necklace.


Keshi Pearl & Turquoise Necklaces

Beloved for their organic silhouettes and their incredibly high lustre, Keshi Pearls here are stranded as long-chain necklaces to create a minimalist look. The collection features unique shaped stones like turquoise and keshi pearls, along with tiny gold beads - twinkle with every movement.


Milky Camellia

From our well-loved Camellia collection, this patented Camellia-cut Collection features pink sapphires and rubies, encircling the rose quartz and milk quartz. Shimmering invitingly in soft pink hues, this jewellery collection is made for every occasion.



Our Ponde collection features coloureful semi-precious stones like Blue Topaz, Amethyst, Fire Opal and Peridot. Designed with small metal gobules encompassing the centre stone - creating a polished look.


By Appointment Only

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