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There's a lot going on at this moment, you're not weak for needing a break, come take a break and learn how to better #stayhome with us.

1: Work from Home

"Home is where the heart is", as cliché as it seems, we must say that it's indeed true. Home is a safe haven we seek after a long hard day at work or at school. We're so used to lazing in the most comfortable nest of our world. 

How about working at home?


With those temptations to lie on your bed just to nap a little while, switching on the TV just for that one or two more episodes of your Korean dramas or replying that few text messages from your friends and end up texting for an hour or so. We can't say that it is easy to #WFH but actually it is not that difficult either!

Here are some #WFH tips for you if you are having a little difficulties to cope:



You've probably heard it for a thousand times - list down the things you need to accomplish by the end of the day. 

It has been repeated for so many times but trust us, it's the best and most efficient way to begin your day.


#tip 1

Needing that adrenaline kick to start your day? 

We believe everybody does!


Drip yourself a cup of coffee using your favourite beans or feeling a little extra? Whip up that latest trendy drink - Dalgona coffee.


Just some coffee powder, sugar and water with milk will do? Wow, that's really easy.

#tip 2


Refresh your workspace with two quick burst of your favourite fragrance notes.

Some calming scents:

#sandalwood #geranium #patchouli

Or just whatever scents that makes you feel energised!

#tip 3

"Music heals the soul"

No matter the genre.

Blast your favourite tunes to keep you going as you work!

Rock, jazz, instrumental,

let them be the fuel of your day.

#tip 4


2: What to do at Home


Well, besides working, we believe that there are tons to do at home - suggested by our staff, Annabelle and her doodles on "Circuit Breaker Things".


Check out our


for more!

And also not to forget - our #stayhome recipe episodes on IGTV (more videos coming up soon!) Get inspired by our recipes and whip up something different for your lunch, dinner or even make them for your loved ones. A very special day is just round the corner.

P.S. More exciting gemstones & jewellery contents coming up soon.

3: Self-love

At the end of the day, the most important thing is self-love.

'Be happy. It's one way of being wise.'

Sidonie Gabrielle Colette



your headspace

- with some meditation and mindfulness exercises


- with music inspired by everything natural






everyday with a little changes

- whip up something different for lunch, try a different genre of music,

switch your working space





- be gentle and kind to yourself,

health always comes first



out to people you have been missing

- set aside some time to talk to your friends, tell them your concerns and

how you're feeling


a break from the news

- switch off your screen for a little while, instead, water the plants or

make yourself a cup of tea

That's all for now,

We hope you #stayhome and #staysafe.

See you again soon.


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