Star Sapphire.jpg
Star Sapphire
  • Mineral: Corundum            

  • Main Source of Origin: Sri Lanka, Madagascar, Thailand, Burma, Kashmir

  • Mohs Hardness: 9.0            

  • Birthstone: September

Star sapphires are sapphires with silk inclusions that serves to display a celestial six-rayed star across the surface of the stone when viewed under a single light source. This special effect similarly observed in star rubies is known as “asterism”. In contrast to the clarity observed in regular sapphires, its allure lies in its cool elegance and connection to nature. Star sapphires like star rubies are typically cut into cabochon with high domes to maximize the desirable star effects. High quality star sapphires ideally have its star perfectly centered when viewed from above with clearly defined rays that radiates from the crown of the cabochon to the base without interruption.


Star sapphires are found predominantly in Sri Lanka. Fine blue star sapphires usually come from Burma. Black star sapphires are found in Cambodia and India.

Other information:

  • Zodiac birthstone for Virgo, Libra, Sagittarius

  • Stone for 5th & 45th anniversary