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Emanating a natural brilliance reminiscent of timeless blooms, our exquisite collection draws inspiration from the inherent grace of Spring flowers. Crafted by our talented designers, these classic floral forms have been transformed into a timeless design, capturing Japan's enduring admiration for the beauty of nature.


Evoking the soft pastel tones and delicate hues of flower petals, our iconic design showcases an array of coloured stones, including Peridot, Morganite, Aquamarine, Mint Tourmaline, and the captivating addition of Rhodolite Garnet.


Each stone radiates with a captivating allure, complemented by the shimmering presence of side diamonds, creating a truly enchanting piece that celebrates the everlasting beauty found in the natural world.

Fleur Ring with Rhodolite Garnet

SKU: 10103396