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New Rhodolite Garnet Earrings: Available at the Upcoming Mimi no Hi Sale

Among the treasures unearthed during my recent journey to our Japan headquarters, these Rhodolite Garnet earrings stand out as a personal favourite. Their luminous beauty instantly captured my attention as I scoured for new additions for our upcoming earrings event.

Inspired by the theme of freedom, the designer ingeniously incorporates marquise-cut diamonds, resembling delicate wings, meticulously set beneath the gemstones. This design not only complements the earlobe naturally but adds a pop of colour and style to any outfit. If you're into colourful studs or statement earrings, these are perfect.

Funny story—I was wearing a burgundy sweater when I first tried them on, and they matched like they were made for it! What I love most about Rhodolite Garnet is its universal appeal—how it enhances the radiance of all skin tones, lending a natural flush even to those who eschew blush. It's as if the gemstone brings out the blush in you!

These stunning earrings will be exclusively available at our Takashimaya store during our much-anticipated Mimi no Hi Sale starting March 1st. For further details, please visit our webpage here.

Event Details:

March 1st - 10th, 2024

Takashimaya Department Store & Online

(Note - online sale starts at 10 AM, on March 1st.)


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