Mother's Day Appreciation Ideas

"My mother was my first best friend, and will always be my best friend for life."

Just because we can't head out, doesn't mean we can't make this Mother's Day one to remember.


At the end of the day, it's always the thought that counts.

Here, we listed down what our staff would do to appreciate their mothers on this Mother's Day. Hope they will give you some ideas to show some love and kindness to your first and forever best friend!


I will give my mother a call, send some flowers over and make a funny short message video with my kids.


Give your mom a good laugh on this special day. Just by looking at the faces of you and your kids is gonna put a smile on her face!

We (me and my husband) will send boxes of chocolates to both our mothers' place with a thank you message card. We hope that they can enjoy the chocolates in their garden while staying home!


We're almost 99.99999% sure that all girls love chocolates no matter their age. If your mom loves chocolate, why not ordering some online and satisfy their sweet tooth!




I will make a thank you card for my mother, maybe whip up some lunch with my brother and do a home photoshoot with her! My mom loves taking photos.

When was the last time you have hand-drawn a card for your mom? Something handmade always feels a little more meaningful isn't it? Especially when we are all staying home!

I'm sending flowers from a small farm in Nagano who is facing difficulty to send their beautiful flowers due to the current situation to Tokyo for my mom!



What's a better way to support your local community on this special day? Be it florist shop, bakery or restaurants!


I usually give small gift or present to my mother every year on this special day! Some little things like tea leaves set, hand cream or health applicances! 


Even the smallest things count! As we said, it's the thought that count! Her favourite hand cream is running out? Her tea bags stocks are going low? Time to get her favourite stuff refilled!

My mom lovessss HK noodles! I'm going to try to cook some for her this mother's day! Not sure how it will turn out but hope she likes it!



Most moms have been in the kitchen forever since the day we were born. How about taking charge of the kitchen today and make her some of her favourite dishes?

That's all for now! 

Hope these ideas from our staff inspire you to start making something for your moms!


If you need any cooking or recipe inspirations, feel free to check out our IGTV for some cookies and Okonomiyaki recipes! 

See you again soon.