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(More than 2-carat sized Blue Tourmaline)

Mint & Blue Tourmaline

Though tourmaline occurs in virtually every color, blue is in fact the rarest tourmaline color. The blue tourmaline that has attracted the most attention is the rare paraiba variety that was first discovered in Brazil in 1989, and then later in Nigeria and Mozambique. These gems, colored by copper, have an unusual neon-like quality that is coveted by collectors. 

But! All blue tourmalines are rare, even the non-copper bearing ones. The purer blue tourmalines are generally smaller in sizes, often under 1-carat. Hence, we must say that these blue tourmalines of (1.51ct and 2.43ct) are definitely difficult to come by these days. 

Book an appointment with us and chat with our gemologist, Kengo Kajita to learn more about these precious gems!


(Left: Mint Tourmaline Ring, Right: Blue Tourmaline Loose Stone)


(Paraiba Tourmaline)


(Spring-themed Bi-colour Tourmalines)

Bi-Colour Tourmaline

The bi-colour tourmalines remind our designers of the Spring season in Kyoto where the Sakura flowers blooms alongside with their greeny leaves.

What a poetic sight. 

Discover these new pastel bi-colour tourmalines from our latest Tucson buys. Consult our head designer, Takashi Fujimori and create your one-of-a-kind keepsake!


(Nishiki Ring & Bi-colour Tourmaline Loose Stones)

Malaya Garnet

Once considered as a "misfit" among the Garnets and now one of the gem collectors' favourites - Malaya Garnets were first found in the Umba Valley of Tanzania.

"A stunning pair of Malaya Garnets is rare to come by, especially with this special Assher-cut, which showcases the stone colour and brilliance uniquely" - commented by our gemologist, Kengo Kajita.

(A pair of Asscher-cut Malaya Garnet)


(Different shades of Morganite stones)

Morganite & Aquamarine

The pink and blue variety of the well-loved gemstone - Beryls. These pastel-coloured stones are gentle and soothing to the eyes and souls. 

Discover the different shades and cuts of morganites and aquamarine at our Designer & Gemologist Event.


(Left: Aquamarine, Right: Morganite)

Gemstones & items featured in our recent Instagram Live & Stories from Tokyo will be available for viewing during the event as well. 
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