Non-heated Tanzanite

Natural (non-heated) tanzanite has a really delicate and fine colour. They resemble some of the traditional colours of Japan - 菫色 (Sumire iro) and 紅掛花色 (Benikakehana iro).


Item No.

Carat (ct)


Size (mm)

Price of Stone

Certificate No.

(if applicable)


Non-heated Tanzanite

KJ-G-43 to 45

1.82 / 1.36 / 1.19

Oval (OV)

approx. 8 x 6



in Singapore

Design Inspiration

These oval-cut stones are perfect for rings and pendants. Match them with side stones of similar hues - purple, green or blue!

Gemologist Kengo

These are some of the simple oval-cut ring designs we have in store. They are some of our best sellers!

Designer Takashi

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