Montana Sapphire

Forget blue sapphires, for a moment, and admire instead the extraordinary array of fancy coloured sapphires like these stunning Montana Sapphire from the Montana state of US. Each piece possesses a different character, like the one on the left has a mix of greens and yellow.


Item No.

Carat (ct)


Size (mm)

Price of Stone

Certificate No.

(if applicable)


Montana Sapphire

KJ-G-41 & 42

0.65 / 0.64

Round (RD)

5.1 x 5.1



in Singapore

Design Inspiration

Accentuate the stone with some matching coloured stones or simply encompasses with melee diamonds to achieve a classic look.

Gemologist Kengo

With these Montana Sapphire, the choice of gold definitely affects the mood of your ring!

Designer Takashi

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