Dendritic Quartz

Natural fern or tree-like inclusions are what make these Dendritic Quartz so attractive. Here, we have five different dendritic quartz with different sizes and design by the nature.


Item No.

Carat (ct)


Size (mm)

Price of Stone

Certificate No.

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Dendritic Quartz

FJ-G-06 to 10

9.47 / 14.27 / 4.06 / 5.27 / 36.28

OV / SQ / EM / Rectangle / SQ

Refer to photos

$400 / $600 / $200 / $200 / $900


in Japan

Design Inspiration

The unique dendritic quartz known for inclusions that reflect the natural beauty of landscapes and foliage.

Gemologist Kengo

Pick your favourite piece of nature and transform them into simple ring or necklace.

Designer Takashi

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